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Beachside School of Massage and Beauty282 Eglin Pkwy NEFort Walton Beach, Fl  32547850 226-7874

Beachside School of Massage and Beauty

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Explore the Possibilities of Skin Care

Skin Care Program Start Dates 

                                   April 2, 2018

                          August 6, 2018

Day Class:     Class hours: 8:30am - 12:30pm  Monday-Friday

Night Class: Class hours:  6:00pm - 10:00pm Monday- Wednesday


Beachside School of Massage and Beauty offers a 300 hour course of study in Skin Care that includes Facials and Hair Removal. Students completing the program will be awarded a Diploma. This is a Non-Degree Program. This program has a strong emphasis on professional ethics, proper body mechanics, techniques and a working knowledge pertaining to a variety of equipment used to perform facials and chemical peels.

Educational Objectives:  Skin Care

  1. To explain the structure and function of the skin.
  2. To describe diseases of the glands.
  3. To recognize lesions.
  4. To describe basic facial massage movements.
  5. To recognize and define the various types of corrective facials.
  6. To describe products used and the purpose of each.
  7. To understand the purpose and effects of muscle toning.
  8. To describe the nature and effects of light therapy.
  9. To analyze and correct improper brow shaping.
  10. To describe the proper steps in removing hair through tweezing or waxing.
  11. To understand the safety precautions to follow in the use of electrical apparatus in hair removal.
  12. To apply make-up.
  13. To use the materials and equipment required in giving facials.
  14. To perfect procedures and manipulations.
  15. To use the proper steps and safety precautions in giving facial treatments for varied types of skin.
  16. To remove superfluous hair on the head, face or neck through epilation and/or depilation, excluding electrolysis.
  17. Have a working knowledge of how to get and keep clients.
  18. Make application for initial licensure to the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Board of Cosmetology. Certification examination is not required.

Curriculum:  Skin Care Program

SCP 101   Sanitation                                              10 hours

SCP 201    Clinical Practicum                                97.5 hours

SCP 102   Florida Cosmetology Laws and Rules          5 hours

SCP 103    Professional Ethics                                    2 hours

SCP 104    HIV/AIDS Education                                  4 hours

SCP 105    Skin Theory, Disease and Disorders         85 hours

of the Skin

     SCP 106    Basics of Electricity                                   8 hours

     SCP 107    Product Chemistry                                    8 hours

     SCP 108    Hair Removal                                         8.5 hours

     SCP 109    Makeup                                                    6 hours

     SCP 110    Facial Techniques and Contraindications   66 hours

                        Total Skin Care Program 300 hours.

     Each hour is equivalent to 1 clock hour (50 minutes of supervised class time).  

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