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Beachside School of Massage and Beauty282 Eglin Pkwy NEFort Walton Beach, Fl  32547850 226-7874

Beachside School of Massage and Beauty

282 Eglin Pkwy NE

Fort Walton Beach, Fl


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Explore the Possibilites of Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapy

Day Class:        

                                March 5, 2018

                               August 6, 2018

Day Class  9:00am - 3:00pm  Monday - Friday  5 months

Part time classes available for day classes.


Night Class:           March 5, 2018

Night Class 6:00pm - 10:00pm  Monday - Thursday   7 months


Massage Therapy

Beachside School of Massage and Beauty offers a 500 hour course of study in Massage Therapy. Students completing the program will be awarded a Diploma.

This is a Non-Degree Program. There is a strong emphasis on hands on applications, technique, proper body alignment, self maintenance and ethics. 125 of the 500 course hours are spent in clinical practicum to give each student the experience he or she needs to be an effective massage therapist.

Educational Objectives:  Massage Therapy

  1. Understand basic Human Sciences, including Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Neurology and Pathology.
  2. Have a thorough working knowledge of Swedish and Deep tissue massage.
  3. Have the ability to communicate benefits of therapeutic massage to their clients.
  4. Understand principles and use of hydrotherapy.
  5. Understand principles of sports massage, including pre-event, post event and maintenance techniques.
  6. Recognize and use proper body mechanics.
  7. Be certified in CPR/First Aid. Have an awareness of HIV/AIDS.
  8. Have the ability to write a business plan.
  9. Have knowledge of the history of Massage therapy.
  10. Be eligible to sit for a Certification exam (NCBTMB, NCETM, NCBTMB, MBLEX).
  11. Be eligible to apply for the State of Florida Massage Licensure after passing a Certification exam.
  12. Have a working knowledge of how to get and keep clients.

Curriculum:  Massage Therapy Program

MTP 101     Anatomy & Physiology                     150 hours

MTP 102     Basic Massage Theory and History    100 hours

MTP 201     Clinical Practicum                            125 hours

MTP 103     Florida Laws and Rules                      10 hours

MTP 104     Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy  15 hours

MTP 105     Allied Modalities                                76 hours

MTP 106     HIV/AIDS Education                           3 hours

MTP 107     Medical Errors                                    2 hours

MTP 108     Business                                            5 hours

MTP 109     Professional Ethics                              4 hours

                Total Massage Therapy Program 500 hours.

Each hour is equivalent to 1 clock hour (50 minutes of supervised class time).

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